Play Chromatics Music Playing Cards!

How To Play ChromaticsThe virtues and benefits of learning music in not only the pleasure of playing music, but in math, sciences and the arts.   In spite of these virtues, both teaching and learning to play an instrument all too often appears to be a daunting task.

Knowledge Of Music Inc has come up with an alternative to traditional music lessons that can easily be taught by a Mother or Father while at home.

This alternative to traditional music education is to break the learning process of music down into three specific areas of study:
1.  Learn to think in the alphabet and vocabulary of music.
2.  Learn to manipulate an instrument.
3.  Learn to listen!

All too often, in traditional music lessons, the instructor will take a new student, hand them an instrument and then put a score of music in front of the student and begin teaching with the expectation that the student will be able to comprehend all three of these new concepts at the same time.    Our approach is to distinctly break these three areas of study down such that the subject matter is easily processed in the mind in preparation for subsequent steps in the learning process.

A natural place to start is to come up with an easy and entertaining method for teaching a student the twelve letter alphabet of music known as the Chromatic Scale.   Then leverage such an approach to teach the student the spelling of the words or vocabulary of music known as chords and scales.   Needless to say this can appear to be a daunting tasks.   Chromatics Music Playing Cards offer a simple and entertaining solution to this challenge.

Through the use of Chromatics Music Playing Cards, parents and teachers can use the concept of ordinary playing card games such as "Go Fish" to easily get students familiar with the twelve tones in the musical alphabet while also teaching how to build/spell music scales and chords.   There is no complicated instruments nor sheet music with which to struggle.   Once the student can adequately play these music card games effectively, that basic knowledge is in place and when an actual instrument is introduced into the learning process, the student won't need to struggle with the thought process of the music vocabulary while learning to manipulate the instrument.

A complete instruction booklet for How To Play Chromatics Music Playing Cards can be downloaded here.  To purchase your deck of Chromatics Music Playing Cards, simply click on our on-line store and you'll be able to purchase as many decks and printed copies of the "How to Play" guide booklets as you like with common credit cards.   If you'd prefer to pay by check or to do business by email or phone, please call 877-405-6810 or email:


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