Greetings!   My name is Mark A Sanderson and I'm the creator of Chromatics Music Playing Cards.   Chromatics are a creation of mine that I came up with as a solution to my own desire to study and learn my scales and chords even when I didn't have my instrument easily available.  I've found my creation to be very effective and I'm excited to share it with the world.   

Chromatics genuinely definitely do work at getting your mind fluent with the scales and chords of music.    Because of this understanding of mine, I guarantee your satisfaction or a 100% money back guarantee of any documented purchase from Knowledge Of Music Inc.     If you feel you want a refund on your purchase, simply call or write to let us know of your request and then send us your products with proof of purchase.  We will refund 100% of the purchase prices, less the nominal shipping and handling charges.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Knowledge Of Music Inc, 2614 N Tamiami Trail #354, Naples, FL  34103
Tel: 877-405-6810

How To Play Chromatics

Should you prefer to do business by email or phone, please call 877-405-6810 or email:

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