Play Chromatics Music Playing Cards!

How To Play ChromaticsChromatics Music Playing Cards, manufactured by Knowledge Of Music Inc. are a music learning aid that have been designed to help aspiring musicians learn music even when they don't have their instrument to practice.   A deck of Chromatics consists of 48 tone cards representing four octaves of the chromatic scale.   On the face of each card is a chord and scale of that tone to aid in learning scales or chords while playing musically oriented card games. Nearly all traditional card games can be played as well as many new music games to provide players with incentives to collect cards that build a particular scale or chord.

Chromatics Music Playing Cards are the
most unique concept to come along in a long time for a fun and entertaining approach to learning the language of music.   Winner of multiple awards as an entirely new technique for learning scales and chords without it feeling like a chore!  Click here for a PDF file of a full history of the development of Chromatics.

Click on the "How To Play Chromatics" guide to the left to download your FREE booklet that provides detailed instructions for multiple version of solitaire, Go-Fish for 7th Chords, Rummy 500, and even Poker!  The guide is a PDF that is almost 3 megabytes so it may take a minute to download, please be patient, it's worth the wait.

To purchase your deck of Chromatics Music Playing Cards, simply click on our On-Line Store  and you'll be able to purchase as many decks and "How to Play" guide booklets as you like with common credit cards.   If you'd prefer to pay by check or to do business by email or phone, please call 877-405-6810 or email:


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